Project Opportunites


Multi Sector (Power & Energy and Agriculture)

Total Value(US $ Million): 500

On the commercial side, we projectons 2014 as regards the import and export of agro-food products in the amount of approximately 1500 000 Dolard USA. So we a renewable energy project. the energy renouvellable project is estimated at U.S. Dollars of 2000000. In renewables, energy project, we have the BIOMASS project. The Biomass project, as its name suggests is a renewable energy project based largely plant waste and other agro- residues to make briquettes and pellets for the heat energy production. This project is an initiative of the company person SOCAFA This project will enable a considerable reduction of deforestation and contribute to households to increases in economic and hygienically as the use of pellet is very economical compared to charcoal and clean to use. He also participated in a rational and intelligent management of solid waste , and thereby protects the flora therefore nature in its entirety. In short we can say that this is a project development in general. Drilling equipment of water,For the participation in the realization of the drilling for the water production of the villagers in the plan of government

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