Project Opportunites

D.R Congo

Multi-Sector (Finance, Energy & Agriculture)

Total Value(US $ Million): 100

PAIE: renovation, modernization,industrialization of tea, coffee and soft drinks existing factories in DRC Organic land management and technology transfer in tea and coffee processing agro-industries. MICRO HYDRO DAM; Building and hydro dam 1,1MW and increasing the capacity of an operating dam 325Kva SILOE INTERNATIONAL: Conceptualising and developing state-of-the art Financial market architecture for the DRC stock and Commodities Exchange. The Exchange will have branches in different states of the country, each speciliased in specific sector.Markets are the major drivers that support economic growth. Markets bestow economies with allocative efficiency, Transcationnal intensity, process enhancement, entreprise and entrepreunial development that could enable policy to play a proactive role in economic development of DRC on the promise of inclusion, empowerment and stability.

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