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Environment and Sanitation

Total Value(US $ Million): 0.70

Project Description The project is to undertake the building, managing and operation of public facilities for people to be able to ease themselves at their own convenience and with dignity for a token fee to the operators of the facility. By definition, a public toilet block is a building (or part of a building) predominately housing public toilets and associated facilities with direct external access which are capable of independent operation. A lot of stakeholders input will be considered in putting up the project in order to satisfy all. And for purposes of compliance with government regulations and for sustainability, appropriate government agencies involved with the building, management and operations of the facility will be consulted for the necessary approval. The planning, building and management and operations will be informed by: • reviewing policies and strategic directions of various Council documents reviewing demographic projections and growth areas of the municipality • assessing national and international public toilet trends • undertaking a spatial analysis of the distribution of public toilets undertaking a community engagement process to identify gaps and opportunities utilizing best practice information to prepare design guidelines • benchmarking against other Government Authorities The project will consist of a building or buildings (as the case may be) in which various facilities and services are provided for the convenience of the patrons. Among the facilities and services will include: 1. Bunkers for the individual use to ease oneself (about 20 per building: 10 females and 10 for males) depending on the location. 2. Water reservoir to store water for flushing toilets 3. Sinks and buckets to facilitate water use at the premises 4. Disable access and special facility 5. Elderly people access 6. Baby changing table 7. Toilet paper 8. Cleaning and Disinfection room 9. Ticketing point 10. Store room 11. Staff Office THE BIODIGSTER TOILET SYSTEM The bio-digester has several main components. These include the inlet mixing tank where manure-water mixtures are introduced into the biogas system. Manure-water mixtures that enter the system are typically mixed in a 1:1 ratio (Armorer). The mixture then follows an entrance tube that enters the bio-digesters tank where the breakdown of waste, a process called anaerobic fermentation occurs. Anaerobic fermentation consists of three important stages: hydrolysis, acidogenesis, and methanogensis. Through the three stages of anaerobic fermentation, different types of bacteria undergo various degradation processes to break down wastes into two major by-products: biogas and liquid fertilizer. Since anaerobic fermentation is a temperature sensitive process, a bio-digester tank is usually built underground where temperature is kept relatively constant. Biogas consists of about 60% methane, 40% carbon dioxide, and traces of other gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, and hydrogen sulfide. Biogas is accumulated and stored in the bio-digesters until ready to be used. Biogas can exit the system via a Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) gas pipe, which can be connected to a stove for cooking (not part of this design).


Total Value(US $ Million): 100

Large Prefabricated Construction Units and Machinery


Total Value(US $ Million): 5000

Investments into Ghana


Total Value(US $ Million): 2

The Group has conducted PFS in the probability of diversifying into manufacturing of Fertilizers and/or Jute products as well as increasing the Core business of infrastructure and constructions.


Total Value(US $ Million): 5

This project is in the field of Telecommunications, Communications and Public Relations, and Business Advisory Services


Total Value(US $ Million): 1

We are looking for a JV partner for our Commercial Agriculture project, The land has been acquired and PFS done for Rice and other projects, In edition the Group has diversified into Road construction and is looking for suitable partners, we also want to connect with suppliers of Tools and Machinery.


Total Value(US $ Million): 300

  • 1) Low Cost Housing (Apartment Type as well as community Housing) - PPP Model (4000 units)
  • 2) Agriculture Mechanisation, Input, Irrigation Solutions, Agriculture Produce Market Centres, Agriculture Solution. (70,000 ha)
  • 3) Renewable Energy (Solar Power Solutions, Wind Power Solutions) (400 MW)
  • 4) Mining Equipment and Mining Support Services for Gold Mining (350 sqrkms)

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