Project Opportunites



Total Value(US $ Million): 0.003

Sounding the market for Indian building and public works, seeking Indian partners for futur Togo project and financing. Search for gear.


Total Value(US $ Million): 0.15

This project is in the Health Sector


Total Value(US $ Million): 30

This project is for the development of the country.


Total Value(US $ Million): 4.2

Production of phosphate fertilizers for agricutural sector in West African region


Total Value(US $ Million): 16

It is a real estate promotion of national scope. So for this, all Togolese, whatever their level of income, has the opportunity to acquire a property in Togo. According to the mechanism to be set up, The project will make available to buyers, real property which has been acquired from landowners. These buildings, before being put up for sale, must be authenticated by the Ministry of Town Planning and Habitat. For payment, the project owner gives the opportunity to purchasers to pay based on tontine system over a period of (01) to ten (10) years. The term of payment will relate to the value of the building and the clients purse. The project owner may need to ask customers an initial deposit of 20 to 25% of the value of the building at the contract signing. This will depend on the value of the building, and the social status of the client.

Miscellaneous (Trade)

Total Value(US $ Million): 4.9

Export soy-beans, sesame and acajou


Total Value(US $ Million): 16.70

Establishment of a plant for the manufacture of agricultural, solar and hydraulic equipment and materials. We want to expand the range of agricultural, solar and hydraulic equipment and materials in Togo and throughout the West African subregion. On the agricultural level: tractor, tractor implements, power tiller walking tractor, farming implements, domestic grinder, cassava peeler, stainless steel juicer, Fruit Pulper Cum Finisher, Manual Meat Mincer, Rice Mill Machine, Sugar Grinder, Rice Grader. On the hydraulic level: handpumps, pipes casing, stainless steel round pipes, UPVC pipes, UPVC casing pipes for water wells, UPVC conduits pipes, UPVC fitting, UPVC pipes for potable water supply, HDPE piper for potable water supply… On the solar plane: solar street light, solar home ligth system, solar road stud, solar lantern.


Total Value(US $ Million): 3

Cost housing construction


Total Value(US $ Million): 1

Developing, manufacturing and packaging food supplements including small, medium and large runs. - Distributing raw materials : conventional or organic natural ingredients (Royal jelly, pollen, brown propolis, Brazilian green propolis, ginseng, devil sclaw, chlorella, spirulina, spirulinarich in iron, cranberry,)


Total Value(US $ Million): 4.2

Production of phosphate fertilizers for agricultural sector in West African region


Total Value(US $ Million): 50

Agriculture, Telecom ,Energy, Infrastructure, Water Project. Total value of the project will be USD1050 million

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